Can You Trust The Internet ?

you shouldn’t always trust the internet. For example Wikipeadia there are good and bad things about Wikipeadia , anyone can edit whats on Wikipeadia but there are people that’s job is to edit and correct any errors so there are good and bad things about Wikipeadia. but there are many ways to find out if the website on the internet are real or fake like if its asking for you credit details and its not saying what it is selling and if you read more about it there , could be links to other things that the owners of the website are trying to raise money for.

Cyber Netrix

I think that Cyber Netrix taught my class and I a lot about online chatting and cyber safety but it is pretty boring. But it as I said it teaches you a lot that sometimes people arnt who they say they are like one person I was talking to I thought was a teenager but turns out he was a pornographer.